Version 4.0

Giving design review a
UI and UX redesign.

We’ve completely overhauled the mockups commenting experience, controls, speed and emphasized usability for both you and your clients.

Refreshed UI

A new overview screen helps clients see all your designs. Updated navigation layout helps you navigate faster and easier.

Improved Controls

Pinch to zoom, keyboard controls and control hints help you navigate more easily.

Faster PDF Loading

Improved pdf rendering speed loads pdfs faster, and with less memory, which means you can get approval faster.

See everything at once on the new overview screen.
The project landing page gets a new destination. The project overview screen lets you see all the images in the project in a single grid. You can even leave a short message to your clients. From this screen, you can see everything in the project, filter the status of images, or even drill into a specific image.
Project Description

Add a custom message or optional instructions.

Filter By Status

Easily filter by approval status, and see your progress at a glance.

Easily See Approval Status

See approval status. Hover to see who approved and when.

Version Indicator

See the version of the currently selected image.

A better experience with improved controls.
Navigate your designs with ease. We've made image navigation more obvious, and added UI hints to let the user know where to find them. You can also use trackpad or touchscreen gestures to smoothly zoom in and out of images. Power users can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the interface more quickly.
Easier Navigation

Navigating between images is much easier, with more obvious navigation buttons.

Project Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs help you see what project and image you're looking at.

Version Navigator

See, browse and compare image versions.

Better Toolbar Position

Toolbar is now moved to the bottom to keep your designs front and center.

Additional Controls

Additional controls help you dive right into different points in the UI, and is consistent with website commenting.

Login Indicator

See who you are logged in as at a glance.

Navigate with ease.

Easy, more obvious navigation controls to help you and your clients get around.

Pinch to zoom.

Use your trackpad, touchscreen or mousewheel to zoom in and out of designs.

Keyboard shortcuts.

Use your arrow keys to navigate through images.

Navigation hints.

Navigation hints make things easy to figure out.

More consistent icons.

We've added additional icons and make them consistent between mockups and websites.

Track design changes & compare versions.
Spot differences between versions in an instant, with the new version comparison slider. What's even better, clients are able to access this to track which changes are made over time.

Travel through time with the activity feed.

Mockup commenting now has an activity feed, so you can see a history of everything that's happened throughout the project. You can even filter activity by person, image, or activity type.

Load PDFs at lightning speed

We've greatly improved the loading speed an performance of pdf rendering, using modern technologies like HTML Canvas to improve rendering and memory consumption.

PDF Loading Speed Test (lower is better)
Loading Speed
5x faster
Version 4.0 0.5s Previous Versions 2.5s
JS Heap Memory Usage
3.4x less
Version 4.0 22MB Previous Versions 76MB

Get a better
bird's-eye view
of comments.

You can now see all comments across all images on the project from the comments panel. You can even filter by assignee or image.

Easy mockup settings adjustments.
No need to navigate to the admin to change mockup settings. It's all accessible from the front-end, which means you'll spend less time on admin and more time designing.

Available now.

Update and get these awesome new features.
Andre is the founder of ProjectHuddle, a dead-simple client feedback plugin for WordPress professionals.