Getting Website Feedback From Your Client – A Video Walkthrough by

By Andre Gagnon

April 26, 2017

Adding a ProjectHuddle website

How do you go about handling website changes and approvals with your clients? Adam from takes you through setting up ProjectHuddle on a website from scratch.

In this video, you’ll see step-by-step instructions on:

  1. How to set up a website project.
  2. How to link your client’s website to ProjectHuddle to start getting feedback.
  3. How to add your client accounts, and giving them the right permissions.
  4. Finally, how to send off a link to your client so they can start giving feedback in a couple clicks!

Be sure to check out more of his awesome videos on WordPress, or if you have any questions about ProjectHuddle, give us a shout!

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Andre is the founder of ProjectHuddle, a dead-simple client feedback plugin for WordPress professionals.