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Project Huddle BFCM Deals
General November 17, 2022

Top-Rated WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals of 2022

The deals are coming… Finally the day, most WordPress developers wait all year long for is here. And, we have some huge discounts lined up…

Tutorials February 14, 2023

How to White Label Project Huddle plugin?

White-label Branding is the ability to rename and present a product or a plugin as your own. This helps you hide the actual identity of…

Optimizing Workflow for Better Client Management
General February 28, 2022

How to Optimize Your Workflow for Better Client Management

Let’s bake a cake today. Take some all-purpose flour, two eggs, sugar, salt, some sodium bicarbonate, vanilla essence and mix them all, and bake. Approximately…

man reclining and looking at his laptop
Product January 19, 2022

Securing ProjectHuddle Authentication with Refresh Token Rotation

In the new privacy age, browsers are getting more and more concerned with storing 3rd party http cookies. And, since WordPress’ auth system relies on…

feedback and annotation tools
Tutorials December 30, 2021

9 Best Design Feedback and Annotation Tools for Web Designers in 2022

Are you a freelancer, web designer, or website developer who creates websites for clients? If so, how do you receive design feedback? We’re guessing it…

WordPress halloween deals
General October 28, 2021

Get the Best Halloween Deals for WordPress in 2021

Halloween is here! We hope you already have your costume picked out and candy purchased as trick or treaters will soon be upon you! It’s…

ProjectHuddle Joins BSF team
Product October 5, 2021

Embarking on a New Chapter — ProjectHuddle is Joining the Brainstorm Force Team!

I have some exciting news that I am thrilled to share with you! ProjectHuddle is joining Brainstorm Force, the company behind…

space shuttle launch during nighttime
Product April 16, 2021

Call for Beta Testers

We’re getting really close to releasing ProjectHuddle version 4.1 and could really use your help getting it over the finish line! Version 4.1 Features Version…

female software engineer coding on computer
ProjectHuddle March 26, 2021

Now Hiring: Full-Stack Software Developer

I’ve been working solo on ProjectHuddle since late 2016. It’s always been my “baby” and I’ve poured my blood sweat and tears into it. Since…