Call for Beta Testers

By Andre Gagnon

April 16, 2021

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We’re getting really close to releasing ProjectHuddle version 4.1 and could really use your help getting it over the finish line!

Version 4.1 Features

Version 4.1 provides a huge quality of life update. The main feature is a complete rework of the authentication system used by ProjectHuddle. We’ve switched from using WordPress cookies to Refresh Token Rotation. This means:

  • Safari, Brave and other privacy-focused browsers are fully supported.
  • ProjectHuddle works more reliably in situations where you are caching your dashboard site.
  • ProjectHuddle works with ad blockers who will attempt to block 3rd party cookies.

Additionally, another huge improvement is how we handle the comment location algorithm. We are much more strict with content matching and improved our screen position fallback. This means fewer comments ending up in the wrong spot if content on the page changes drastically.

If anyone is interested in testing this version, we’d really appreciate it. To do that, navigate to your “Account” section on your WordPress admin (ProjectHuddle > Account) and click the “Join the Beta program” checkbox.

Once you get the beta version, you may need to manually deactivate and uninstall the file uploads addon, and install it again under ProjectHuddle > Addons to get the beta version.

Beta versions are intended to be stable and fully functional but due to their beta nature, they may sometimes introduce unexpected behavior. Also, keep in mind, update notifications may not show up on your Plugins page for several hours after opting in. If you are attempting to install a beta but do not see the update notification, wait a few hours and check again. If you run into any issues reach out to [email protected] and we can get you sorted!

Thank you!

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