The latest ProjectHuddle features and improvements.

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Product January 19, 2022

Securing ProjectHuddle Authentication with Refresh Token Rotation

In the new privacy age, browsers are getting more and more concerned with storing 3rd party http cookies. And, since WordPress’ auth system relies on…

ProjectHuddle Joins BSF team
Product October 5, 2021

Embarking on a New Chapter — ProjectHuddle is Joining the Brainstorm Force Team!

I have some exciting news that I am thrilled to share with you! ProjectHuddle is joining Brainstorm Force, the company behind…

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Product April 16, 2021

Call for Beta Testers

We’re getting really close to releasing ProjectHuddle version 4.1 and could really use your help getting it over the finish line! Version 4.1 Features Version…

Product September 22, 2020

ProjectHuddle 4.0 – Giving design review a UI and UX redesign.

Product July 27, 2020

Transition to Freemius

We are excited to share that we transitioned our sales and licensing management to Freemius so we can spend our time…

Product March 11, 2020

New Release! Website Approvals And A Gorgeous New Toolbar

We’ve completely overhauled the website commenting experience, and added one of our most requested features of all time – approvals! Get approvals on pages…

Product January 22, 2020

Important Update! Please update ProjectHuddle to 3.8.10 for Chrome 80 compatibility.

Google Chrome version 80 is set to launch on February 4th, which is just 2 weeks away! You’ll need to update ProjectHuddle to version 3.8.10 to comply with…

Product November 20, 2019

New Release! Get Less Email. See the Bigger Picture.

When your projects are really bustling along, you may start getting a bunch of activity emails from your projects. Sometimes this can get overwhelming and…

Product October 1, 2019

New Release: Centralized Task Dashboard, @mentions and Bulk Editing Features

ProjectHuddle 3.7 is a huge change to the task and project management interface so you can stay on top of everything happening in your team,…