Access Links Not Working

By Team ProjectHuddle

August 10, 2023

The Project Access Link sometimes won’t work if the cookie or project urls are being cached on your server. We always recommend a dedicated installation for ProjectHuddle so you can disable caching functions which are not needed by ProjectHuddle.

Where should I install ProjectHuddle?

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check caching plugins.

Make sure to exclude ProjectHuddle post types or the users session won’t be set. 

Caching and ProjectHuddle

2. Check if your host is caching on the server.

If you have a WPEngine, you’ll want to have them add some cache exclusions. 

WPEngine Cache Exclusion for Access Links

3. Check for Varnish Caching

Do you have Varnish running or any other type of server side caching? If so you’ll want to add the necessary varnish exclusions. 

Varnish Caching

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