New Release! Get Less Email. See the Bigger Picture.

By Andre Gagnon

November 20, 2019

When your projects are really bustling along, you may start getting a bunch of activity emails from your projects. Sometimes this can get overwhelming and repetitive, especially if you’re already monitoring your projects regularly.

In version 3.8, you have the option to enable “Batched” emails, which combine actions into a single email. If you head over to your ProjectHuddle > Settings > Emails page, you should see some new email options:

If you choose to send summary emails, ProjectHuddle will combine all activity and send everyone a single email with activity from that period.

The summary email looks something like this

The summary will contain anything people notified you about, like

  • project approval status
  • new comments
  • tasks assigned to you
  • approval activity
  • tasks that were resolved

And don’t worry! ProjectHuddle still emails @mentions immediately, so you can take action right away!

As always, users can also opt-out of specific emails themselves with a link right at the bottom of each email.

Daily and Weekly Reports

In addition to these batched/rollup emails, you can enable daily and weekly reports! These reports send automatically and keep everyone in the loop about project progress without the need to constantly be checking email or project status.

You can also send weekly and daily reports from a project manually with a few clicks. Choose who you want to notify, and even add a custom message:

Bonus: Improved Assignment History

You can now see assignment history on conversations to get an idea of who assigned who, and the all-important “who assigned me?”

Available for all licenses!

Update ProjectHuddle now and start streamlining email notifications!

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Andre is the founder of ProjectHuddle, a dead-simple client feedback plugin for WordPress professionals.