Converse right on top of your designs & images.

Collect visual feedback right on top of your design images, wireframes, logo sketches, photography and more. Look like an absolute pro.

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Display beautiful, branded design presentations of your UI and Web Mockups.
Approve print projects on a per-page basis. Communicate directly on top of the design and get out of email hell.
Remote ad approvals with built-in versioning makes tracking changes a breeze.
Onscreen, contextual feedback gives valuable context to intricate or nuanced requests that are impossible to understand via email.
Point, click and type. It doesn't get any easier for your clients.

Converse right on top of your designs.

Point and click to comment.

Comments are placed precisely on point on your design.

Start interactive conversations.

Reply, discuss changes, assign and resolve the conversation when complete.

Upload and Share Files Pro

Eliminate email - share and upload files right in the conversation.

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Get clear, fast approval.

Invite your clients or colleagues to approve your work by sending them a private access link. Get clear approval and move forward with the project.

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Terms Agreement

Add a terms clickwrap agreement to stay contract-compliant.
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Granular Control

Set approval and unapproval rules on a per-project basis.
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Keep track of changes with versions.

Keep an interactive history project as it changes. Restore previous versions with the click of a button.


Sync Sketch Files

Seamlessly sync your Sketch designs with ProjectHuddle, without any saving, exporting or uploading.

Clear, visual feedback.

ProjectHuddle turns feedback and issues into clear, contextual tasks with everything you need to resolve them quickly. Assign, communicate and resolve feedback with ease.
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Resolve issues as they are fixed and stay organized.
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Contextual, on-page conversations give the issue immediate context.
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Every new comment has helpful technical details like browser version, OS and screen resolution.
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Delegate responsibility to your team and make sure issues have a responsible party.

Ditch the monthly fees. Save thousands.

ProjectHuddle is a mere fraction of the cost of similar software. There's also no obligation to keep paying to use it, which means you're not locking yourself into a service you can't control.


Cost at 1 year
5 Team Members
40 Projects
10 Users
5 Users

Trusted by thousands of creatives & businesses.

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Yours to keep, modify & customize.

We've built a plugin that makes it incredibly easy to get feedback and client approval on all your projects. And, since it's hosted right in your WordPress site, there's no giving up your privacy or locking yourself into a service you don't control.

Dead Simple

Works with your existing WordPress site - no advanced configuration necessary.

White Label

Make it your own. Tweak colors, fonts, even layouts to match your brand. Look like a rockstar for your clients.

Infinitely Extendable

Clean, commented code has loads of hooks and a child template system for developers to extend.

Exceptional Support

Your purchase includes 1-on-1 direct email support.

Budget Friendly

ProjectHuddle is a fraction of the cost of other hosted collaboration software.


ProjectHuddle is yours to keep, which means you're not locking yourself into a service you can't control.

Own Your Data

Your work is hosted on your own site, domain and server. No giving up your privacy to a third party.

Platform Agnostic

Once you install ProjectHuddle on your WordPress site, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites, on ANY platform.
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Trusted by 3,500+ Creatives & Businesses

ProjectHuddle makes you & your clients happy.

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    "I work at a mid-size agency and ProjectHuddle has been invaluable for tracking internal and client feedback in a centralized, user-friendly way."

    Topher McCulloch

    Senior Front End Developer at Pivot Design
  • "ProjectHuddle helps our customer relations run smoother — long gone are cumbersome approvals via email."

    Aaron Zaccardelli

    Photographer at Zac and Zac
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    "Impressive product and now excellent customer service. I would recommend ProjectHuddle any time. Impressive!"

    Tina Sundstrup

    Graphic Designer at Formsproget
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    "Wow, so effective and just works. Plus, my clients love using it. Clients are now very more engaged in the feedback process."

    Michelle Sullivan

    Freelancer at Web Matters
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    "A-MA-ZING plugin! You have no idea how fantastic your tool is! Thank you thank you soooo much!"

    Nathalie Materne

    Freelancer at Design My Web
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    "This is a game changer for my business and clients - feedback should always be this easy."

    Resa Barillas

    Creative Director at Eye Heart Creative
  • "I'm blown away! A must-have for anyone doing any kind of work on the web."

    Adam Preiser

    WordPress Teacher at
  • "What a flipping brilliant product. It's really shifting the way we work as an agency."

    Lee Jackson

    Agency Coach at Agency TrailBlazer
  • "I literally had my first mockup up and running in a few minutes which was a huge relief. And my clients love it!"

    Natalie Rains

    Owner at Pixel Rains Website Services
  • "This software is revolutionizing our client revision process - Thank you!!!"


    Marketing Strategist at Technology Aloha
  • "My client absolutely loves using it and even said they were actually enjoying themselves!""


    Creative Director at Mind's Eye Design
  • "ProjectHuddle is the best discovery I've made in the last 2 years. A-maze-ing."

    Chris Shull

    Marketing Strategist at Heyday Web Media
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    "Brilliant plugin and great value-add to any web or design agency. ProjectHuddle definitely delivers on all fronts, INCLUDING super fast support."

    Ryan Hudson

    Agency Owner at Hello Hudson