New Release! Website Approvals And A Gorgeous New Toolbar

By Andre Gagnon

March 11, 2020

We’ve completely overhauled the website commenting experience, and added one of our most requested features of all time – approvals! Get approvals on pages and websites with our brand new brand-able toolbar, travel through time with the new activity feed and edit confidently with our new undo controls.

The Brand New Website Toolbar


The brand new toolbar is larger, more obvious, and much easier to understand. Actions like approve and comment are now full buttons, so there’s no guessing how to take important actions.


We’ve added more controls to the toolbar to help you jump right to the information you need, like the brand new activity feed, page approval statuses, and more.


The new toolbar adds your branding front-and-center, which is not only great for brand-value, but super helpful in separating the interface from your client’s site.

Website Approvals – Easy Client Sign-Offs


Let your client approve website pages (or the entire website project) with a few clicks!

On Your Terms.

Add an optional clickwrap agreement with terms for added legal security.

Activity Feed – Your Very Own Time Machine

In the sidebar of every website project is an activity feed tracking every action from the moment you started the project. If you’re looking for something someone did, but you can’t remember when they did it, just scroll!

Attached Screenshots

No need to click around to the site to get contextual details about activity. Screenshots are attached to each item so you can get context without ever leaving the page.

Filter Relevant Content

Advanced filters let you see only the content you care about. Want to see comments or approvals from a specific client? You can do this with only a few clicks.

Powerful Filter Controls – Be a know it all

Filter threads, pages, and activity to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire project. You can even see comment and tasks from other pages, with helpful screenshot links so you don’t even need to switch pages.

Oops! We’ve added an undo button.

Accidentally edited or trashed the wrong comment? Just click the undo button and you’re right back. As you were!

Hide all comments with the click of a button.

Sometimes you need all the comments to just get out of your way! We’ve now added a convenient control, right in the toolbar to make them magically disappear and reappear from your screen!

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Andre is the founder of ProjectHuddle, a dead-simple client feedback plugin for WordPress professionals.