WPFeedback vs ProjectHuddle

A comparison of ProjectHuddle vs WPFeedback

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Manage all your feedback from a central dashboard.

No need to login to each of your client's sites to read feedback. Everything is collected on a single dashboard so you can save countless hours and quickly manage all your feedback.


With ProjectHuddle, feedback is centralized on a dashboard you control. See everything from a single page and quickly click to view issues from one screen.


With WPFeedback, feedback is fragmented. You need to login to each of your individual clients sites to see feedback.

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ProjectHuddle keeps your clients sites FAST

ProjectHuddle offloads requests to your dashboard site, meaning you never slow down your client's site with excessive database queries or http requests.

No Database Bloat

We never store any comments, media or anything else on your client's site.

No Media Gallery Bloat

Your client's media gallery is never filled with anything other than their own content.

No Expensive Database Requests

Requests are offloaded which means you'll never slow down your client's server with expensive database queries.

Try ProjectHuddle Risk-Free

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

ProjectHuddle is easier on the wallet.

If you have multiple clients, then ProjectHuddle is a mere fraction of the cost of WPFeedback. There's also no obligation to keep paying to use it, which means you're not locking yourself into a service you can't control.


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For more than just WordPress

Once you install ProjectHuddle on a WordPress installation, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites, on ANY platform. Manage all your sites from a powerful central dashboard.

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Trusted by 3,500+ Creatives & Businesses

ProjectHuddle makes you & your clients happy.

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    "I work at a mid-size agency and ProjectHuddle has been invaluable for tracking internal and client feedback in a centralized, user-friendly way."

    Topher McCulloch

    Senior Front End Developer at Pivot Design
  • "ProjectHuddle helps our customer relations run smoother — long gone are cumbersome approvals via email."

    Aaron Zaccardelli

    Photographer at Zac and Zac
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    "Impressive product and now excellent customer service. I would recommend ProjectHuddle any time. Impressive!"

    Tina Sundstrup

    Graphic Designer at Formsproget
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    "Wow, so effective and just works. Plus, my clients love using it. Clients are now very more engaged in the feedback process."

    Michelle Sullivan

    Freelancer at Web Matters
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    "A-MA-ZING plugin! You have no idea how fantastic your tool is! Thank you thank you soooo much!"

    Nathalie Materne

    Freelancer at Design My Web
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    "This is a game changer for my business and clients - feedback should always be this easy."

    Resa Barillas

    Creative Director at Eye Heart Creative
  • "I'm blown away! A must-have for anyone doing any kind of work on the web."

    Adam Preiser

    WordPress Teacher at WPCrafter.com
  • "What a flipping brilliant product. It's really shifting the way we work as an agency."

    Lee Jackson

    Agency Coach at Agency TrailBlazer
  • "I literally had my first mockup up and running in a few minutes which was a huge relief. And my clients love it!"

    Natalie Rains

    Owner at Pixel Rains Website Services
  • "This software is revolutionizing our client revision process - Thank you!!!"


    Marketing Strategist at Technology Aloha
  • "My client absolutely loves using it and even said they were actually enjoying themselves!""


    Creative Director at Mind's Eye Design
  • "ProjectHuddle is the best discovery I've made in the last 2 years. A-maze-ing."

    Chris Shull

    Marketing Strategist at Heyday Web Media
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    "Brilliant plugin and great value-add to any web or design agency. ProjectHuddle definitely delivers on all fronts, INCLUDING super fast support."

    Ryan Hudson

    Agency Owner at Hello Hudson

    Feedback on PDFs, Sketch files, images and more.

    Collect visual feedback right on top of your design images, wireframes, logo sketches, photography and more. Look like an absolute pro.

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    Comparison Table

    Feature ProjectHuddle WPFeedback
    Supported Platforms

    WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, CraftCMS, Webflow, Weebly, Drupal, HTML, Next.js, Gatsby, plus thousands more...

    WordPress Only


    for unlimited websites

    for one website.

    Centralized Dashboard Yes (included) No
    No Extra Logins Yes Yes
    Active License Required? No - even if you don’t renew ProjectHuddle, you can still use 100% of the plugin. Yes - if you decide to stop your recurring payment you can no longer use the plugin.
    White Label Yes Yes
    Screenshots Automatic Manual. User must remember to take a screenshot.
    WP Admin Commenting Yes Yes
    File Uploads Yes Yes
    Task Assignments Yes Yes
    Task Statuses and Priorities (In Progress) Yes
    Edit Comments Yes No
    Mockup/Design Feedback Yes - multi-page images, multi-page PDFs and Sketch sync. Yes, but a single image only
    Data Storage All comments and media stored on your dedicated Dashboard WP install, never adding bloat to your client's sites. All comments and media stored on your client’s site, adding database and media gallery bloat.
    Daily Email Reports Yes - automatic and manual Yes
    Developer Friendly Yes - REST API, WordPress hooks, child templates and extensive developer documentation. No REST API, WordPress hooks or developer documentation.

    Work smarter, not harder.

    Say goodbye to email chains and obscure issue descriptions. See all issues from a birds-eye view. Navigate feedback on-site so you can stop wasting time guessing.

    "Project Huddle is the best discovery I've made in the last 2 years. A-maze-ing."
    Chris Shull, Marketing Strategist at Heyday Web Media