Embarking on a New Chapter — ProjectHuddle is Joining the Brainstorm Force Team!

By Andre Gagnon

October 5, 2021

ProjectHuddle Joins BSF team

I have some exciting news that I am thrilled to share with you!

ProjectHuddle is joining Brainstorm Force, the company behind Astra theme, Ultimate Addons for various page builders, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and other innovative products for WordPress.

This will bring ProjectHuddle closer to the mission of helping clients to streamline project management and feedback.

It’s an exciting new chapter in my journey that will unlock more growth potential for ProjectHuddle and add more value to customers.

I started ProjectHuddle 5 years ago with a mission to get easy and accurate feedback from clients. I realized that most people struggled to effectively manage client feedback without using an expensive SaaS solution. So, I wanted to help make the process easy and effortless for them.

I set a goal to create a tool that made it easy for clients to provide feedback on website projects without having to resort to email or other less efficient methods. I wanted a tool that delivered fast and focused feedback without having to learn a new technique, remember another login, and check up on feedback frequently.

That’s when ProjectHuddle was born.

Fast forward to today. I couldn’t have been more proud, or happier with how far ProjectHuddle has come. It’s now used by over 6,000 agencies and web design professionals worldwide.

However, I realize ProjectHuddle is unknown to many agencies and freelancers and they still struggle to get accurate feedback and waste a lot of time, effort, and energy on inefficient ways of managing client feedback.

During my discussion with Sujay, co-founder and CEO of Brainstorm Force, I quickly realized not only our mission is aligned with Brainstorm Force’s belief of helping businesses grow online with easy and affordable solutions, but we also shared some common values.

So after some discussion, we decided to join forces to reach a wider audience and innovate faster together.

The entire team behind Brainstorm Force has an awesome reputation for making quality products. Not only have they built one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time, but their products are used on over 3 million websites, daily. I have no doubt that together we can really make ProjectHuddle special.

I could not be more excited about the future.

What Is Possible? Accelerated Innovation and Growth!

Now, with the help of the Brainstorm Force team, we can realize the full potential of ProjectHuddle.

The additional support from Brainstorm Force will provide everything required to help deliver the better versions of the product.

I believe ProjectHuddle is already awesome, but the ideas I have for its future are even more impressive. Working with Brainstorm Force can help make them a reality.

We have a joint vision of the future and an equal desire to make it real!

What Does This Mean for Users and Customers?

Nothing will change for ProjectHuddle users.

You should also know:

  • Your current licenses (including lifetime) and access to ProjectHuddle will not change.
  • For foreseeable time ProjectHuddle’s pricing will remain the same and you will still get regular updates and support

But, things are just going to get better.

If you are a ProjectHuddle user, customer, or partner — thank you so much for being with us throughout our journey. We would not be here without your encouragement and support.

All existing customers, regardless of the plan you bought, will continue to get the quality of updates and support you’re used to.

Thanks to this acquisition – our existing customers will now benefit from the even greater value and support from our combined forces.

It is a significant milestone for all of us. I could not have reached here without the support of our users, customers, and partners.

It is worth saying, again and again, thank you for your continued love, support, and for being part of this incredible journey. ❤️

We look forward to bringing innovation and creative freedom to the WordPress ecosystem.

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Andre is the founder of ProjectHuddle, a dead-simple client feedback plugin for WordPress professionals.